Student Assessment

Not only are infographics an effective way to share information, but they can also be used for student assessment. After exploring Kathy Schorock’s Guide to Everything Blog, I came across another blog around blended learning and technology in the classroom. Catlin Tucker’s blog shares one of her assignments through student designed infographics. Tucker suggested using three different tools for creating their assignments:


Tucker highlights at the end: “I love that every infographic was unique. Students focused on topics they were interested in researching, used the tools that worked best for them and created finished products they could share with the world!”

I was curious about infographs that were posted on and came across this video that highlights the progression of music technology over the past 100 years. I showed the video to my 8th grade band class and during snack, I actually overheard a discussion amongst the students about the information in the video. The visual appeal of the presentation had a bigger impact on the students…

I explored a bit to create my own infographics. Similar to even creating this blog, templates through the application assist through the visual design. I think this is a great way for alternative or supplemental assessment…


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