Computer Feedback

Smart Music is a program that students use at home to facilitate their practice sessions. Often compared to video games like Guitar Hero, accompaniment and notes are on the computer screen for students. The interactive program assists students with practicing their instrument at home. Fingering charts, tuners, and metronomes are also available as resources for the students to utilize. Playing along with the accompaniment, students are given an immediate percentage score that determine which notes were played correctly or incorrectly. Teachers are able to track the students’ practice sessions by assigning practice records. Through the practice records function, teachers can see what selections students practiced and for how long they practiced it. Teachers listen to each submitted recording and can provide feedback to the student. Recently, a sight-reading portion was added as a feature that truly tests the musical capabilities of the student.

Check out how I use Smart Music in my classroom:

Here is an example of how to use Smart Music for individual practice:


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