“Our children need a well-rounded, quality education that enables them to make informed decisions that will impact the world and the way they live.”- Anne Jolly

It is important that as educators, we are preparing our students to be citizens of the 21st century. STEM has been implemented into school systems to challenge students with a more in-depth approach to math and science.


The purpose of STEM focuses on skills that develop critical thinkers through “problem solving, creativity and innovation, communication, collaboration and entrepreneurship…” With our ever-changing society, it is important that STEAM is the new approach as it emphasizes the importance of arts educations. While STEM lessons have already collaborated with language arts and social studies/history, why is it that the arts are left out? Many lessons and assignments already incorporate Art as it encourages students to be imaginative and innovative with their thinking. So as we prepare students for the 21st century, a well-rounded education that INCLUDE arts is essential for their success.



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