Share the love of Music

People at my school think I’m nuts when they start hearing Christmas music in the hallways in October. They always ask me, “Why do you start so early?” From the beginning of the school year, Winter Break seems like ages away… but for music teachers, it hits us like “a train heading into a brick wall.” Weeks of rehearsals will be showcased into Winter Concerts that the students will perform in. Upon this week coming to a close, next week my school has 4 performances (Tuesday-Friday) that share the joys of music with the families and friends of our students.

When students have a goal to work towards, they are more enthusiastic about learning. While the music teacher is the mastermind behind all the madness, I think it is important that we take a step back and realize that while we want perfection, we always want children to enjoy music. I will admit there are times when I over-react and stress out over the quality of the performance. Next week, I have 4 ensembles performing: 1st Year Band (4th graders), 2nd Year Band (5th Graders), Concert Band (5/6th Graders) and Wind Ensemble (6/7/8th). And yes, my eye is twitching with lack of sleep and stress over my 1st Year Band, but when the children beam with smiles on their faces on that stage next week, that is why I am a music teacher: To share the love of music!

Thanksgiving- Musical Family

So my cousin is a modern 21st century… new “music” musician… what does that mean?  He listens and composes music that pushes the boundary.. definitely the opposite of my classical training.   So at family gatherings, such as Thanksgiving, my cousin will always share the latest music.  Usually I smile and listen to his music, with an open mind.  HOWEVER, he showed me this video of a young guy creating his beatbox patterns with paper.  LITERALLY, we sat there for hours and watch all his youtube videos.  Check this out and ALL HIS videos!  (His Disney Princess parodies are pretty fun)

Looping! At it’s best

Looping is taking a small section of music and repeating it.  With technology, digital samples are recorded and programmed through music software to create music.  Check out this AMAZING video of someone sampling LIVE loops.  Are you HAPPY?